Programmes and Services
  • PRC Curriculum Programmes
    PRC curriculum programmes comprise the curriculum mandated by the PRC regulatory Authorities (including Chinese, Mathematics, English, Chinese and Moral Education), together with individualized school-based elective courses. As a private educational group, the Group has flexibility in designing additional elective courses in order to develop an individualized school-based curriculum for each of the schools based on, among other things, the learning patterns and interests of the respective student body as well as the cultural and social characteristics of the city in which the respective school operates. The elective courses the Group has developed generally fall within one or more of five categories: (i) extended learning in core subjects; (ii) learning habits and everyday life skills; (iii) personal development and moral character; (iv) music, sports and art; and (v) creative thinking and technological innovation.
  • International Programmes
    The Group offers international programmes at two of our schools, namely Dongguan Guangming School and Dongguan Guangzheng Preparatory School, and offers two types of international programmes, (i) a one-year programme that admits high school graduates or third year high school students, preparing them for their studies overseas and (ii) a three-year programme that admits first year high school students and certain second year high school students, offering ACT, A Level or IGCSE courses.
  • Extra-Curricular Programmes
    Extra-curricular programmes enable the Group to further refine our individualized school-based educational programmes. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular programmes designed to stimulate scientific interests, enhance social understanding, promote cross-cultural communication and develop self-care abilities, so as to enable the well-rounded development of the students into lifelong learners. Extra-curriculum activities are optional, some of which are offered by our schools in cooperation with parties.